Exploring Our Feature Set

Logistics features encompass a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities designed to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and overall management of supply chain operations.

Key Features and Capabilities

Multiple Payment Option

Give your buyers the freedom of choice by offering prepaid and cash on delivery (COD). We process both efficiently

Real-Time Order Tracking

Give your buyers the comfort of tracking their orders SMS and email updates. Also provide them a delivery preference for.

Post Ship

Provide buyers with a customizable tracking page, which contains marketing banners, links to related web pages.

Get Doorstep Pickup
  • Multiple Partners

    Ship with 17+ carrier partners from a single platform with no dependency.

  • Rate Calculator

    Calculate the shipping rates based on origin pin code, destination pin code,

  • Discounted Rate

    Ship across India at starting rates as low as Rs.19/500gm.

  • Order Management

    Ship across India at starting rates as low as Rs.19/500gm.

  • Global Shipping

    Ship across India at starting rates as low as Rs.19/500gm.

  • Communication

    Choose the size of your label and decide the information like address,

  • No Monthly

    With ShipEase, You don’t pay any monthly or setup fees. ShipEase is FREE to use.

  • Insurance Cover

    Avail insurance cover up to Rs. 5000 for lost shipments.

  • Centric Mobile App

    An easy to navigate iOS and Android application equipped with necessary features.

From anywhere to everywhere

Its easy and free!!! Go with Ease.... Start ShipEase !!!

Expedite Shipping
Multi-functional Dash

One Dashboard For Everything. Manage your orders, shipments, NDR, RTO & more using a multi functional dashboard.

Multiple Pick Up Locations

Enables the sellers to define more than one pick up locations so that the shipping agents are able to pick up the shipment from there.

Bill & Weight Reconciliation

The billing amount is determined as per the weight, freight charges for both the forward and the reverse shipping process.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the act of managing products or stock within a warehouse.

Merchant Logs

Find out how to ship Amazon orders yourself with Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN), commonly referred to as Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).

Timely COD Reconciliation

This increases customer experience and enhances your ability to operate efficiently. These advantages enable you to stay aware of your business finances ...

Our operations span across several countries.
  • Bharat

    ₹ (INR)

  • United Kingdom

    £ (GBP)

  • Dubai


  • Saudi Arabia


  • United States

    $ (USD)

Trust building
Show ShipEase’s badge of trust throughout your website to boost credibility
Status alerts
Reassure your customers with real-time tracking alerts through WhatsApp and SMS
Tracking page
Build trust with your brand name, logo, offers and support details on your order-tracking page

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