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Best Practices for Efficiency

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API Integration

  • Integrate your eCommerce store with your Shipease account and process all orders from one single platform. Sync the inventory and catalog from your website to receive all incoming orders into the panel.
  • Stay in sync with your incoming orders while you process the current ones.
  • Make sure that streak never breaks! Never miss out on any order ever again! With API integration, stay on track with your shipments and organize your operations fittingly.
How Is API Integration?
Faster Order Processing

When you get all orders on one single platform, the processing time is bound to reduce.

Organized Operations

With a regular incoming order flow, follow a particular procedure for every shipment.

Continuous Syncing

Sync your catalog every 15 minutes and stay on top of every new order that comes to your store.

Automated Process

With constant syncing, automate your order fulfillment process right from the start.

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