Daily COD Remittance

Take control of your cash flow and receive payments with no hold

Shipease Early Cash on Delivery

Delivered +4 Days

Give your buyers the freedom of choice by offering prepaid and cash on delivery (COD). We process both efficiently

Delivered +3 Days

Give your buyers the comfort of tracking their orders SMS and email updates. Also provide them a delivery preference for.

Delivered +2 Days

Provide buyers with a customizable tracking page, which contains marketing banners, links to related web pages.

How Early COD work?
Activate Early COD

Visit Settings in OMS, select the Early COD option, and choose the most suitable COD remittance plan.

Select your preferred plan

Learn everything you need to know about courier services, including their types, benefits, and work processes.

Order delivered successfully

Accepting payments for the items; Filling out paperwork about completed deliveries; Getting signatures from recipients upon delivery.

Remittance received as plan

Remittance advice is a document that a customer sends to a supplier to notify them of a payment made. It includes details such as the payment.

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